This is an album art project created for a yet unreleased project from Tim M. & the Inclandestines. I've been given the "OK" to share even though plans for its release are in limbo. I'm glad for that because I really had a good time with this and am happy with the results. So, here it is!
I created this in 2020 as a commission from my friend and mastermind behind the project. This was blast to dream up and execute under as a true collaboration. My client had a unique and clear vision for this project from the beginning, referencing Sesame Street, Arlo Guthrie records, art deco lettering and design, and 70s urban settings. Together, I think we captured something quite singular, memorable, and nostalgic all at once.
This cover depicts a main character trekking through a more down-to-earth take on a childhood fantasy setting; perhaps a couple of streets down from Sesame St.
This project was fully designed in Procreate for the iPad, including the hand lettering and  typography. Below is a time lapse video edited along with the opening track from the EP.
I wanted to be able to get a lot of milage out of the main art for this project. So from the beginning I planned on separating all the characters and other assets to be able to use them for a variety of collateral and merchandise.
Lastly, I designed a show flyer concept for the hypothetical album release.