I aim to explore world-building through art and design, and to apply that explorative spirit to my client work as well. Fueled by curiosity and a sense of wonder about the world and its many representations, my goal is to create worlds of my own, piece by piece, in which one could get lost or even build upon. Using mediums like drawing, graphic design, cartooning, character art, hand lettering, and writing, I hope to build a language and identity for this imagined universe and let it take on a life of its own that can be explored by all, and which can influence both personal and commissioned works.
What is Lost Rest?
Simply put, Lost Rest is my artist identity. 
It's my moniker: the name I use as my signature. 
It's also my brand identity: the name of my creative business. 
I wish I had a cool story about how I came to adopt such an unusual pseudonym, but the truth is that I had a difficult time using my real name as a brand. Not only because my name is hard to spell and pronounce, but also because my name didn't inherently communicate anything about my work.
The name “Lost Rest” references my personal history with the creative process and how I’m harnessing that past to forge a new future for my artistic journey. I, like many creatives, spent many sleepless nights getting lost in thought and exploring other worlds, restlessly searching for my voice all the while. Now I’ve begun hearing that voice and hope to use it to sing truth to my creations, and to bring life to the hidden worlds within.