During the holiday season of 2021, my wife and I created a series of posts to countdown the coming of Christmas starting on December 1st. There were 24 posts created, with illustrations by me and text by Holli Melancon (other than a few guest posts).
The idea was to offer a useful sort of advent calendar: one that helped to promote wellbeing during this often stressful time of year. To do this, we researched and consulted with therapists and other wellness experts to develop a daily guide containing helpful ideas for each day of the season. We focused on the idea of centering the season around one's own personal values, and building a strategy to maintain that focus in a healthy way.
Below is the first of these posts, all of which can be found on my instagram or that of the Keep Well Project.

I loved creating a cohesive series using predetermined colors and stylistic choices, made all the more special by collaborating with my all time favorite human.We had a great time digging into the subject matter, and have plans to produce some form of physical product based on the project in the near future.