Initial branding elements for Lost Rest: my artist identity and brand. While I will be using these elements for merch and other designs, the elements are meant to merely inform how the brand can be expressed rather than serve as the graphics, themselves, in every case. I hope to create a brand in which my identity design can be drawn by hand or reinvented as I see fit for any given piece. So rather than copying and pasting these graphics every time I want to show my logo, these graphics can serve as more of a basis or guideline; establishing tropes, symbols, and motifs that can carry on into other works in a natural, organic way. You can start to see examples in my recent work, such as the way I write my handle, use of recurring symbols and motifs, and hand drawn recreations of the Sigils and other things. 
(above) The first four Sigils of the Creative Spirits (formerly known as the Relics of the Inner World). In the Lost Rest universe, these markings can summon the Creative Spirits, who use their powers to influence the creative process.
1) The Maker's Pen - signifying creative action and craft
2) The Hours of Fate - signifying the persistence of time and how it can both ignite and oppress creativity
3) The Keeper's Light - signifying discovery, hope, and wonder as well as protection
4) The Night Flare - signifying creative passion, ambition, and hard work as well as inspiration