This year I opened my first web store to sell prints, stickers and other products. I've shared some of those prints in previous posts, but here I wanted to share some other items that haven't yet been shared. All of the products below can currently be purchased through my online shop.
New business cards are included with every order.
This die cut sticker is my first product to feature Spec, my creative spirit guide and official Lost Rest mascot.
This patch features one of the sigils of the Lost Rest universe: the Makers' Pen. Creatives can use this symbol to evoke the Creative Spirits, which can help in their work to find inspiration, solve problems, and transform ideas into works.
The next two prints are based on early drawings featuring one of my characters: the Lightkeeper. This lone wanderer has the task of exploring unknown lands and preserving the knowledge he finds there. His lantern holds his inner light, which he uses to illuminate key truths and insights about these strange worlds.
This print features some of the other key sigils, which at the time were referred to as "Relics of the Inner World".