These are some selected sketchbook spreads from the past year or two. Some of them are studies or style explorations, and some are illustrations based on some of my recurring characters.
Here is an exercise in ink drawing using a brush pen. The goal was to explore more gestural techniques using varying textures and line qualities to imply values and form. I'm interested in exploring more with this style, and perhaps expanding it into larger-scale works. The figure on the left is based on a photo of Paul Gauguin and the other compositions were used various photo references.
The following are illustrations and development sketches featuring recurring characters in the Lost Rest universe.
For this drawing, I wanted to test out some coloring, which—in this case—was done digitally using Procreate for the iPad.
This was a drawing I did during the Easter of 2020. Here, I chose to play with the juxtaposition of varying rendering styles, but which were still firmly in the realm of "drawing". I used colored pencils, ink brush pen, and blue fine-tip marker.